8 Reasons to Love the Children Learning Reading Program

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Phonics Foundation Reading Program Review

Are you looking for an honest Children Learning Reading Program review?

You’re in the right spot!

I came across the Children Learning Reading Program through a Facebook ad.

Being a former middle school reading teacher with a one year old at the time, I was intrigued.

I loved every bit of what I watched in the ad and decided to make the purchase.

Several years later, my one year old daughter is now five years old and confidently knows how to read…all because of the Children Learning Reading Program.

I absolutely LOVE the program and cannot wait to start it with my son who is three years old as I write this.

Before I state all the reasons why I love the program, I will share 2 small cons.

mom reading with son in an article on Phonics Foundation Reading Program Review

1. There is a lot of reading for the parent to do upfront.

Jim Yang (the parent of 4 and veteran reading teacher who designed and wrote the Children Learning Reading Program) provides thorough background information before getting to the lessons.

I personally find all of the information incredibly informative and helpful, but I also love this kind of stuff; I like knowing the science and reasons why something is being done. But I know not everyone is the same.

If you are a parent who just wants to skip to the meat of the lessons, Jim points out the “must read” sections to help you do just that.

2. It requires dedication.

Teaching someone to read takes time, patience, and dedication. It’s one thing to know that…it’s another thing to experience that.

The program says you can teach your child as early as two years old. So when my daughter turned two, I began the program.

But, shortly thereafter I gave birth to my son…and with newborn sleep deprivation, plus juggling work, I couldn’t find the few minutes needed to do the daily lessons.

Around the age of three, I introduced my daughter to Reading Eggs, an app that teaches your child to read. I quickly regretted doing that, but I gave it a go because I had it in my head she wouldn’t need me as much with the lessons.

I realized, however, that giving a three year old an iPad opens a whole new can of worms and that I still needed to be present to help my daughter understand the directions.

More importantly, I realized I was losing out on the bonding that came from the hands-on Children Learning Reading Program, and I was experiencing all this guilt for putting my daughter in front of a screen to learn. I stopped just after 3 lessons.

I went back to the Children Learning Reading Program when my daughter turned four. At four years old, my daughter could retain the lessons faster and longer, so it was okay if some weeks we didn’t do the lessons as frequently.

Even though the lessons are just a few minutes long, it’s surprisingly hard to find those 10 extra minutes in your day sometimes. But, I will say that it is incredibly worth it when you do!!

8 Reasons to Love: Children Learning Reading Program Review

mom and daughter reading in an article on Phonics Foundation Reading Program Review

1. It’s simple and straightforward.

Any parent can do it. You don’t have to be a teacher.

There are 32 lessons total. Each lesson has very specific directions that lay out what the parent is to say and do, which is super helpful.

There is no wondering as to whether you are teaching things correctly.

2. It’s a single PDF that you download.

I love that there is nothing mailed to you and that all you need to do is go to your phone (or computer), find the lesson you’re on in the PDF, and grab a pencil and paper.

To change things up, sometimes I have my daughter write on a whiteboard, or I grab alphabet letters we have from toys and spell/read with them.

3. It teaches reading with all capital letters first.

I love, love, love this. Lowercase letters can be easy to mix up and therefore frustrating for an emerging reader.

Rather than focusing on the sound each letter makes, a child can get stressed trying to remember the difference between a, b, d or h, n, r, for example.

As capital letters (A, B, D…H, N, R), the letters are more distinct, making them easier to remember what they are.

As the phonics lessons progress and your child’s reading strengthens, lower case letters are introduced.

4. The lessons are short.

Ranging from 3 minutes to 15 minutes in length, the lessons go quickly and are the perfect amount of time for young readers (and busy parents).

With 32 lessons total, your child will be reading in just a matter of weeks!

5. There are no distractions.

Children are great at memorizing and using their surroundings to make educated guesses. This can be dangerous for children who haven’t mastered a letter sound yet because they can easily trick the adult into thinking they are reading when really they are just making good guesses.

For example, if a child doesn’t know a word, they will often look at illustrations on the page to guess what the word is. Being able to do that is an important reading skill, but that should not be introduced until after phonics are already mastered.

That is one of the reasons why I did not like Reading Eggs (as mentioned above). I found my daughter focusing on context clues within the app’s lessons instead of learning letter sounds. The app was lots of fun but had many visual distractions that took away from learning letter sounds.

The lessons in Children Learning Reading are simply with a pencil and paper and all capital letters, so your child will grasp phonics quicker and will develop a solid foundation in phonemic awareness first and foremost.

Did you know that learning to hear is the first step of learning to read? The Children Learning Reading Program truly understands this and has an emphasis in helping children hear and identify each letter sound.

6. There are phonics games and activities included.

Having fun along the way is important! The games provided in Children Learning Reading are creative and entertaining.

They provide enrichment activities that further enhance the reading skills your child is developing.

They are games that the author plays with his students, so you know they are tried and true and good.

7. It’s a proven formula.

Created by a veteran reading teacher, with thousands and thousands of happy parents, the step-by-step formula WORKS.

I am using the program for my toddlers. But, if I were back in the classroom working with children who needed extra reading support, I would absolutely refer to this PDF because it would quickly catch them up to grade level.

8. You get to watch your child’s confidence grow.

Learning to read is a BIG feat! It is one of the most important skills in life, and it is one of the first truly tough skills we learn with all the dedication and time it takes to master.

Having your child see that their hard work pays off is such a special thing to witness. And it’s such a special thing to instill in them before they head off to school.

Watching my daughter’s face light up when she realized she was learning and growing and actually reading was truly priceless.

Final Score: Children Learning Reading Program Review

mom and two kids reading in an article on Children Learning Reading Program Review

I give the program a 10 out of 10. There isn’t a single thing I would change about it. I love it that much!

The structured approach breaks down the reading process into very manageable steps.

The phonics emphasis establishes a strong foundation in reading skills by teaching children there is a relationship between letters and the sounds that they make.

The early start with parental involvement fosters a collaborative approach to reading and learning, a beautiful message to instill in your child.

Reading is the gateway to success in school. Knowing that my children will have confidence in their abilities is an awesome feeling.

I have the Children Learning Reading Program to thank for that.

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