Visual Adventures: Top Black and White Baby Books in 2024

Babies playing with black and white baby books

Best black and white books for babies

Curious about black and white baby books?

I was too!

I didn’t even know what black and white baby books were until I was pregnant with my firstborn and someone mentioned them to me.

After I learned more about them, I eagerly put some on my baby registry and was so glad that I did!

Side Note: Are you working on your baby registry? I have a printable minimalist baby registry checklist that you can use as a guide if you’d like!

Black and white baby books are especially beneficial during the first few months of life, but they are often enjoyed by little ones well beyond their baby stage.

Black and white baby books promote:

Visual Stimulation – With babies still developing their visual acuity their first few months of life, high-contrast images are particularly great for them. Black and white pictures are stimulating and engaging for them.
Cognitive Development – When infants are looking at the black and white images, their brains are actively forming patterns and connections. This helps with their cognitive development by helping them learn to perceive, recognize, and remember different objects and patterns.
Language Development – Not just black and white baby books, but all baby books, can help with language development by providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to introduce basic vocabulary, such as object names, emotions, and actions. Early exposure to language through reading promotes comprehension and communication skills.
Bonding and Interaction – The close contact of sitting together while reading, along with the gentle talking that comes with reading to babies, helps strengthen the bond between parents/caregivers and babies. The interaction of talking and asking questions about the pages helps with the social and emotional development of infants.
Sensory Exploration – Many black and white baby books include crinkly pages, fun flaps, and unique tactile pieces to promote exploration through sense of touch. This is great for helping develop their tactile and sensory skills.

Black and white baby books are beneficial to supporting a baby’s overall development, and they are lots of fun!

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Here are the top picks for black and white baby books:

1. Hello, Baby Animals! by duopress labs (author) and Julissa Mora (artist)

Black and white baby book on animals

Summary: “What’s going on, Zebra?”…”Quack quack, baby duck.” These short, friendly greetings paired with the high-contrast pictures are adorable, creating a fun experience for developing eyes. This is one of our son’s favorites.

This is a best seller on Amazon with over 4,300 five star reviews!

Material: Board Book

2. Look, Look! by Peter Linenthal

Black and white baby book

Summary: “A car races…flowers bloom…fish swim…” Simple phrases in red font to describe everyday images in black and white makes this a fun and playful read. This is one of our daughter’s favorites.

There are nearly 6,000 five star reviews on this book!

Material: Board Book

3. Black & White, by Tana Hoban

Black and white baby book

Summary: With no words, this book has fourteen black and white pictures that are engaging for little ones.

This book has over 9,000 five star reviews, ranking high as one of the best black and white books for babies!

Material: An accordion-style foldout board book, a feature that is great for tummy time.

4. My First Soft Book, by teytoy

Soft fabric black and white baby books

Summary: Six crinkle cloth black and white books on shapes, fruit, animals, vehicles, insects, and the alphabet. Small and lightweight, they are easy to hold for babies.

Over 4,300 people give this collection a five star review!

Material: fabric

5.Visual Quiet Book: Shapes & Colors, by beiens

soft fabric black and white baby book that is interactive

Summary: Touch and feel crinkle cloth with interactive flaps and mirror make this book quite engaging and interesting for developing minds.

It’s no wonder over 4,400 people give this book five stars!

Material: Fabric

6. Hello, Ocean Friends, by duopress labs (author) and Violet Lemay (artist)

Black and white baby book on ocean animals

Summary: Similar layout to book number one, this book provides short, friendly greetings like, “Hi there, starfish,” that are paired with ocean animals–a fun way to have exposure to sea life.

Material: Board Book

7. Baby Loves Sports, by duopress labs

Black and white baby book on sports

Summary: A book with no words, each page displays a sports ball and then a sports player. The book provides a lot of opportunity for conversation. Our youngest loves learning about the different balls while our oldest likes asking questions about the players and how they hit/kick/throw/etc in the sport. This has been a book enjoyed well past the baby stage in our house.

Material: Board Book

8. Peek-a-boo, by Sassy

Soft fabric black and white baby book that is convenient for travel

Summary: With high contrast colors, this black and white picture book is a fun way to play peekaboo. Plus, it has an on-the-go link, making it convenient for travel.

With nearly 7,000 five star reviews, it’s no wonder it’s labeled as an Amazon choice!

Material: Fabric

9. Baby Animals Black and White, by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Black and white baby book on animals

Summary: Eight baby animals are introduced in this lovable baby book.

As a best selling book, there are nearly 2,000 five star reviews on it!

Material: Board Book

10. Hello Baby Faces, by Roger Priddy

Black and white baby book with high contrast colors on faces

Summary: It’s a fact that babies love to look at faces. From a boy to a girl, a grandma to a grandpa, this book has lots of faces with different facial expressions. The simple black and white pictures with splashes of color create an engaging experience that our children have really enjoyed.

Material: Board Book

Black and White Baby Toys

A baby boy laying on his tummy looking at an interactive baby book

Black and white baby toys help stimulate eye development and are wonderful in helping babies learn to focus on objects.

Keep in mind that for the first few months of life, babies are able to focus on things/people within 11 inches away from them.

Here is a list of popular black and white baby toys that are loved by many!

Black and White Flashcards

  • With over 3,000 five star reviews, this is a top Amazon Choice for black and white baby toys!
  • When I was gifted flashcards for my firstborn, I thought it was a little funny to use flashcards with a baby. But then once I saw the impact that they had, I was so happy to have them!
  • They are fun to hold and watch your baby’s face light up with the changing images.

Black and White Tummy Time Toy Floor Mat

  • I wish I new about this when my now toddlers were babies!
  • This blanket has high contrast black and white images with baby-safe ribbons, mirrors, and teether toys.
  • Great for tummy time!

Black and White Travel Mobile

  • With almost 3,000 five star reviews, this is a well loved toy!
  • This multi-sensory, visually appealing mobile clips onto carseats and strollers, providing educational entertainment to your little one.
  • Recommended for ages 0 to 5 months

Black and White Tummy Time Toy

  • This toy has nearly 5,000 five star reviews and is quite popular!
  • Have better success with tummy time with this fun, educational, interactive toy!
  • Great for 0 months and up

Infant Baby Black Fox Spiral Toy

  • Many babies are happy with this toy, as it has over 1,600 five star reviews!
  • This spiral activity toy can be wrapped around carseats, strollers, and more.
  • It promotes brain development in a fun and interactive way.

Which baby book or toy do you like the most? I’d love to hear from you! Share in the comments section below.

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