2024 Healthy Trader Joe’s Grocery List

6 food items in a healthy Trader Joe's Grocery List article

Best Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Looking for a healthy Trader Joe’s grocery list?

I have it here! And, it’s available below as a PDF!

There is so much to love about Trader Joe’s, from the affordable pricing, to the friendly staff, to the fun soundtracks…Then, of course, there is the deliciously unique food with clean ingredients.

When I first started hearing all the talk about unhealthy industrial seed oils and “clean foods”, it stressed me out because I learned that so much of the food I was eating and giving my children wasn’t actually healthy…

It took me a while to figure out what my new go-to items would be at Trader Joe’s. But now that I have them, I LOVE them (and so do my kids and hubby), so I wanted to share!

Whether you are in need of a Trader Joe’s grocery list for one, or more, this list has clean ingredient staples you will love!

It’s nice when you have a list you can always rely on and rotate through to remove all the thinking that goes into grocery shopping…As someone who isn’t great in the kitchen, that’s always the hardest part for me…the what do I buy part.

In this grocery list, you will find healthy suggestions for:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Pantry & Snack Items
  • Frozen Foods
  • Produce
  • Breads
  • Sweet Treats

What Constitutes Healthy?

With everything I buy, whether it’s from Trader Joe’s or elsewhere, I like to stick to the below guidelines as much as possible. I may not be great in the kitchen, but I care about the nutrition I provide to my family.

Clean ingredients:

No chemicals or words I cannot pronounce.

No industrial seed oils. I stick with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil as much as possible.

This is HARD to do with already-made products like marinara sauce. But there are some GREAT foods at Trader Joe’s that meet this criteria!

5 ingredients or less. Minimal ingredients means less processed, so the food has more nutritional value. If I flip the package over and see a paragraph of ingredients, I usually put it back (unless it’s pizza of course).

I am a big believer in moderation and that all food–even a cupcake–is good. Because we need to have fun and enjoyment, too!

But, when it comes to the daily nutrients I choose to fuel my family’s bodies, I try to keep it clean and healthy.

Variety. I try to pair every meal with a protein, fat, and fiber. This helps maintain blood sugar balance, allowing us to protect our moods and maintain fullness longer.

By the end of the week (not day), I hope that my children have had exposure to all food groups: fruits, veggies, grains, protein, and dairy.

If they have exposure to all of the food groups in a day, then that is wonderful!

But, I was so comforted when our pediatrician made the comment that most toddlers are “carbivores”, and we need to look at the week’s view of food intake, versus the day’s, when it comes to feeding littles.

4 Meats

Here are 5 favorite meats that are clean and healthy at Trader Joe’s.

1. Chicken Sausage

chicken sausage in best Trader Joe's Grocery List article

Already cooked with clean ingredients, AND it’s delicious. It comes in many flavors that vary in sweetness and spice.

We like to add these to our scrambled eggs. Or, we throw them in with the frozen Mexican Cauliflower Rice and frozen vegetables listed below for a complete meal.

2. Salami & Provolone Cheese Packs

salami and cheese pack in Trader Joe's Grocery List article

These little packs are not easy to locate, as they sell out fast. At our store, they are near the premade salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

With no nitrites or nitrates, this 100% pork salami is a clean choice and true crowd pleaser! It is a favorite snack of my husband’s and two children who are 3 and 5 years old.

3. Deli Meats

deli meats in best Trader Joe's Grocery List article

Trader Joe’s sells an assortment of deli meats that have no added nitrites or nitrates. The only downfall to some of the meats is that you have to eat them within 3 to 4 days of opening because there are no preservatives. But, meat that fresh and clean is great for sandwiches or even to eat plain as is!

4. Ground Turkey/Beef and Chicken Breasts

If you struggle in the kitchen like I do, check out what I make with these meats here. If I can make these dinners, so can YOU! Whether you live alone or have children (young or old), these meals are so good that everyone will enjoy!

5 Dairy Items

Did you know that full fats are better for you? Contrary to popular belief, studies show that full fats have more nutritional value and greater health benefits than foods labeled fat free. In our house, we prefer buying full fat dairy products (like full fat yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.).

1. Pasture Raised Eggs

eggs in Trader Joe's shopping list article

We love pasture raised eggs for their extra nutritional value and because the chickens are treated better.

2. Everything But the Bagel Dip

yogurt dip in the best Trader Joe's shopping list article

Made with Greek yogurt, this dip is loaded with protein. It packs a whole lot of flavor and is the catalyst to my kids eating more vegetables. This dip is a family favorite!

3. Yogurt

yogurt in Trader Joe's grocery list article

Many yogurts are filled with added sugars, making them more of a dessert and blood sugar rush. We stick to plain Greek yogurts and the European one pictured here.

This brand uses whole milk. Not only does full fat taste better, but it is a complete protein. We add honey and fruit to sweeten our spoonfuls.

4. Babybel Cheese & String Cheese

Cheese in the best Trader Joe's grocery list article

These are so conveniently packaged making them great for snacks on-the-go.

5. Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese in the best Trader Joe's shopping list article

Not all cottage cheese is created equal. If you check the ingredients, you’ll find that some brands have a lot of extra chemicals. The one at Trader Joe’s is a cleaner option.

15 Healthy Pantry Items & Snacks

The snacks at Trader Joe’s are simply the best. I love how unique and flavorful they are. And best of all, I love their clean ingredients.

1. Chomps Beef Sticks

beef sticks in healthy Trader Joe's shopping list

Beef sticks often have chemicals and added sugars listed in the ingredients. Not Chomps! They are always in our pantry.

2. Cheese Bites

Bag of Oven Baked Cheese Bites in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Warning: These are smelly! When the bag is opened in your house, everyone knows! BUT, they are SO tasty and loaded with protein (13 grams/serving!) and clean ingredients.

Our only complaint is that we wish the bag was bigger; everyone in our home loves them (even our 3 year old and 5 year old).

3. Super Seedy Cheese Snack Bites

Snack bag in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Crispy oven-baked cheese, loaded with seeds and quinoa…YUM! My favorite part is each square has whole black peppercorns, adding a spicy kick to every bite.

They are a unique flavor that hit the spot and keep you full with the 12 grams of protein in every serving!

4. Organic Popcorn with EVOO

Bag of popcorn in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

If you have never tried this popcorn, you are missing out! Made only with popcorn, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt, it’s clean and simply delicious. TJ Fan Favorites item for sure!

5. Fruit Bars

fruit bars in a healthy Trader Joe's shopping list article

With only 2 ingredients, these are a tasty option for food on-the-go. Our kids love them (and I do, too)!

6. Fruit and Veggie Pouches

box of Fruit Crushers in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

No added sugars or chemicals here. Just awesome fruits and vegetables! They were amazing for our little ones when they were transitioning to eating solids. But I’d be lying if I didn’t share that I eat them too sometimes.

7. Rice Cake Thins

Rice Cake Thins with peanut butter and bananas in the bestTrader Joe's grocery list article

These are thin and soft enough (yet still crunchy) for tiny mouths…great for toddlers! Rice cakes make a healthier alternative to bread, and I am a lover of carbs.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy these rice cake thins is to spread avocado on top and sprinkle Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

8. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Jar of seasoning in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

This seasoning makes life better. We sprinkle it on cream cheese, in our eggs, over avocados…

9. Hearts of Palm Pasta

Box of hearts of palm pasta in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Have you ever had Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Pasta?! Not only is it scrumptious and nutritious, but it’s so easy and fast to prepare on the stovetop!

10. Canned Foods

canned foods in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Do you make salads for the week? The first time I made salads in a jar, I got SO MAD at myself for never having done it sooner.

Meal prepping truly is just a mental barrier you have to get over. Making salad jars is seriously the easiest, healthiest, most convenient thing to keep you feeling awesome during the week.

For more on my salads, check out 3 Secrets to Meal Planning for Busy Moms.

We also keep garbanzo beans on hand for a nutrient dense, 4 ingredient dinner that can be made in minutes. It’s number 13 on this list.

The Best Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Kid approved!) are made frequently in our house, too, and the main star of the cookie is garbanzo beans!

Not pictured is canned pumpkin, but that is another TJ staple in our pantry.

If you want to eat the most amazing pancakes that are packed full of nutrition, check out number 3 on this list of awesome breakfasts. I stock up on canned pumpkin to enjoy these pancakes way past the fall season.

But, even if I don’t have any pumpkin, these pancakes are amazing without it; I’ll often substitute another vegetable in its place.

Or, have you ever had a few dollops of canned pumpkin in a bowl of yogurt with some almonds and honey? YUM!

11. Nut Butters

spread of peanut butter in the best Trader Joe's grocery list article

I like how most of the TJ nut butters are simply nuts and salt for the ingredients–no chemicals or added sugars.

Our favorite is the almond butter. Did you know that almonds are known for being one of the healthiest, if not THE healthiest, nut you can eat?

12. Nuts

walnut, nuts, healthy-6757529.jpg

Many nuts sold in grocery stores have an industrial seed oil coated on them, so we like to buy the raw versions (cashews, walnuts, and almonds are tasty, nutritious household staples). Toss them in with some berries for a simple and yummy fruit salad.

13. Applesauce

jar of applesauce in the best Trader Joe's grocery list article

Want to make healthy zucchini muffins with clean ingredients? Applesauce is one of the key components! The recipe is number 11 on this list.

14. Maple syrup

Bottle of maple syrup in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Simply 100% pure maple syrup, YUM! And the bottle is BIG, great for a family!

15. Green Salsa

Jar of salsa in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

This is my most favorite salsa because it’s the perfect balance of flavor with hardly any heat. I love heat and spice! But, this salsa is kid friendly and is an easy way to elevate eggs, meats, veggies, or the Mexican Cauliflower Rice (listed below).

9 Frozen Foods

Vegetables are WAY easier to have in the freezer than they are in the fridge. I find I can’t use the fresh veggies fast enough, and I love that frozen ones can be made on the stovetop or in the microwave in minutes.

Frozen vegetables–along with the other frozen food items listed here–are super convenient to keep on hand before you go out of town. That way, when you return home, you have healthy, readily available food to eat that hasn’t spoiled.

1. Mexican Cauliflower Rice

bag of frozen Mexican-style riced cauliflower in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

This rice is my all time favorite frozen food item. It packs a whole lot of heat and flavor. My sister (a health coach) and I like to heat this up for our weekly salads.

Throw in the chicken sausage listed above or any other already cooked meat from my Healthy Costco Shopping List for Moms Who Don’t like to Cook. Add in some olives, greens, and salsa, and you have an easy, healthy, tasty meal made in minutes!

2. Rainbow cauliflower

bag of frozen cauliflower in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

I have fond memories of microwaving a giant bowl of this rainbow cauliflower when my firstborn was barely 2 years old.

She and I would sit and eat the cauliflower together straight out of the big bowl. She was excited to be eating a rainbow, and I was excited she was eating vegetables 🙂

3. Broccoli

bag of frozen broccoli in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Pair this broccoli with the mac ‘n cheese and meatballs listed below for a nutritious and delicious frozen dinner. Our kids LOVE this combo for the nights you just can’t cook.

4. Joe’s Diner Mac N Cheese

box of mac 'n cheese in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Unlike Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, this Mac ‘n Cheese is made with ingredients you can pronounce! It has 4 cheeses, milk, salt, butter, and spices. That’s it! Everyone in our house LOVES this.

5. Meatballs

bag of meatballs in the best Trader Joe's grocery list article

Red meat isn’t my thing. I just am not a big red meat eater because it sits heavy in my stomach. But THESE meatballs are DELICIOUS. Cut them up and serve them with the Mac ‘n Cheese and broccoli.

6. Cauliflower Gnocchi

bag of cauliflower gnocchi in a healthy Trader Joe's shopping list article

Pour this into a pan with EVOO and chop up some chicken sausage (listed above) with some greens. You have a complete meal made in minutes with only 1 dish to clean. Score!

7. Carrot Coins

bag of frozen carrots in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

These are great because they’re pretty and flavorful, 2 things needed sometimes to get your littles to eat. And all you have to do is heat them up.

8. Organic Rice

box of frozen brown rice in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

My husband doesn’t like brown rice, but he eats Trader Joe’s brown rice! It is SO good and is ready in 3 minutes in the microwave. Their white rice is equally amazing.

9. Diced Bell Peppers

bag of frozen bell peppers

Skip the hassle of cutting and dicing with this bag ready to dump!

6 Produce Items

What is great about Trader Joe’s produce is the reasonable pricing compared to other grocery stores. I don’t buy everything organic, but for the fruits and vegetables that I do, I usually am relieved at the TJ prices. There are the Dirty Dozen that are recommended to buy organic, which I try to follow when possible.

1. Bananas

banana, minimum, fruit-2449019.jpg

I don’t think you can beat the price per pound of bananas at Trader Joe’s compared to any other store!

2. Cauliflower Slims

package of Cauliflower Slims in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

My only complaint to these Cauliflower Slims is that I wish there were more per bag. I often eat them all in one sitting.

When I am craving crackers and cheese, they are a healthy alternative. I also love dunking them in the Everything But the Bagel Yogurt dip listed above.

3. Beets

box of Baby Beats in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

These beats are already cooked for you. With beets being a super food, they are one of the vegetables I include in the salads I meal prep for the week. For more on that, read 3 Secrets to Meal Planning for Busy Moms.

4. Jicama Wraps

box of Jicama Wraps in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Jicama wraps make great tacos shells!

5. Salad bags

salad, vegetable salad, vegan-7107163.jpg

The dressing in salad bags often have added sugars and chemicals. But, salad bags are just so darn convenient and give you lots of veggies at once. I say everything in moderation is fine and good.

But, if you wanted to hold off on the dressing, you could drizzle on your own olive oil and vinegar for a healthier option.

6. Additional Produce Favorites:

raspberries, blueberries, strawberries-8664278.jpg


Green beans

Corn on the cob



Bell peppers

Pre-cut squash


Sweet potatoes

2 Breads

1. Tortillas

bag of tortillas

These tortillas technically don’t qualify as being healthy in my book, as they have an industrial seed oil and a (small) paragraph of ingredients.

But, they are seriously the softest, tastiest tortillas. Our kids eat a lot of burritos and quesadillas filled with eggs, meats, veggies, beans, and cheeses…many nutritious food groups. So, in the bigger picture, they get my kids to eat well.

Plus, these tortillas are made with unbleached flour…Did you know that bleached flour is banned in most of Europe and Australia? Many grains sold here in the U.S. contain bleached flour, which have carcinogenic properties.

2. Sourdough bread

bread, toaster, food-1077984.jpg

If you’re going to eat bread, sourdough is a healthy option because it has the least amount of ingredients. And they are all clean!

5 Healthier Sweet Treats

Trader Joe’s has amazing desserts! These ones here are our go-to’s.

1. Ice cream

vanilla ice cream in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

If you have never had Trader Joe’s ice cream, you are missing out! It is the creamiest, most perfectly melt-in-your-mouth ice cream ever. Plus, it doesn’t contain a paragraph of ingredients like many other store bought ice creams have.

2. Jarred Peaches

jar of peaches in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

We LOVE these. They sit in a grape juice instead of a syrup and are a delicious topping to vanilla ice cream.

3. Dark Chocolate Chips

bag of dark chocolate chips in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

Did you know that dark chocolate has 7 proven health benefits? With less sugar, it’s better than milk chocolate (and tastier IMO).

This bag is always stocked in our pantry, and we love to include these chips in The Best Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Kid approved!).

4. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

tub of unsweetened cocoa powder in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

With zero grams of sugar and only 2g of carbs, this dark chocolate delight is fun to sprinkle over Greek yogurt, peanut butter, toast, and oatmeal.

Directions on the back of the container are included for clean ingredient hot chocolate, a family favorite for us during the holidays.

5. Jelly beans

box of gourmet jelly beans in a healthy Trader Joe's grocery list article

One Easter I drove all over town trying to find clean ingredient jelly beans. I just wanted jelly beans without the crazy chemicals of yellow 5 and red 40 etc.

For some reason I went to every store but Trader Joe’s. When no store had them, I finally decided to look at Trader Joe’s and discovered these!

They are the cleanest version I have found, and for having a little girl in the house who loves jelly beans, they are a big win!

This Trader Joe’s grocery list helps my family and I eat happy and feel our best. I hope it does the same for you, too!

If you’d like a printout of The Best Trader Joe’s Grocery List, click here. Happy shopping!

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