5 Pros & 2 Cons to the Toniebox: An Honest Review

Tonies characters and Toniebox in a Tonies Toniebox Review

Tonies Toniebox Review

Searching for an honest Tonies Toniebox review?

You’re in the right spot!

The first time I heard about a Toniebox was at a preschool playdate. The family whose house we were at had one. And each child had rows of Tonies.

That right there (initially) turned me off. I saw all the little figurines and thought, “I don’t want even more stuff in my house.”

I am more of a minimalist than not, so I am pretty mindful when it comes to the toys I keep in my home. Science says children should have fewer toys, so I try to follow that.

But, when I learned the Toniebox was part of this family’s bedtime routine, I became intrigued.

Sleep in our house has been a 5 year struggle due to a little-known, but very common, medical condition my daughter has. And it’s because of my quest to help our house have a restful night of sleep, I decided to purchase a Toniebox.

Buying a Toniebox has been one of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent. We LOVE it. Here are the reasons why.

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A Toniebox Review: 5 Reasons to Love

toddler boy playing with a Toniebox and Tonie in a Tonies Toniebox Review

1. A Toniebox promotes independent play in such a fun & educational way.

Our Toniebox is only a few weeks old, and I am blown away at what my children are learning. We bought the starter set with National Geographic astronaut, whale, penguin, and playtime puppy.

The information my 5 year old daughter is sharing with us about outer space, the ocean, and animals is AMAZING. I love knowing she is spending her time with something that is teaching her so many cool facts about the world.

These Tonies don’t hold the attention of our 3 year old that much, but he does love the sing along songs that are from the puppy (and so does our daughter).

We just purchased more age appropriate ones for our son via Amazon. We bought a Tonies Curious George, Tonies Wild Kratz, and Tonies Cat in the Hat that both our kids love! (I gravitate more towards the storytelling tonies vs the music/sing along tonies, but there are lovely options for both!)

2. A Toniebox fosters a love of reading and enhances listening skills.

The storytelling is wonderful! With the Toniebox essentially being a kid-friendly speaker, I wasn’t sure how much my children would enjoy just simply listening to something that doesn’t provide any visuals.

But they LOVE listening to the box. And truth be told, I do too! The information is awesome; we ALL learn SO much!

And if you are like me, I love silence…I don’t have the TV on or music on as background noise while I work (although my husband likes to do that). I function better with quiet when I need to focus, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the noise of a Toniebox…

The volume on it, however, can be easily changed and go to such a quiet level that I can’t hear it if my kids have it on in their bedrooms.

But if you really wanted to be sure you won’t hear the Toniebox, you can purchase Tonies headphones. Pretty cool!

3. A Toniebox is simple to use & designed just for kids.

A Toniebox is designed to be easy to use, especially for young children, due to several key features:

Intuitive Design: The Toniebox is a simple, cube-shaped device with no small buttons or screens, which makes it easy for children to handle.

Magnetic Characters (Tonies): Instead of navigating menus, children can simply place a magnetic figure (called a Tonie) on top of the box to start playing audio content. Each Tonie represents a different story, song, or educational content.

Soft and Durable: The Toniebox is covered in a soft, durable material, making it safe and resilient to drops and rough handling. It is so soft that we often find our daughter’s arm wrapped around it as she’s sleeping. A cuddlable box!

Simple Controls: The box has large, easy-to-press ears for volume control and simple tap or tilt gestures for skipping tracks or fast-forwarding/rewinding.

No Screens: The absence of a screen reduces complexity and the risk of digital overload, making it more suitable for young children.

Parental Controls: Parents can easily manage content and settings through a companion app, ensuring that the device is safe and age-appropriate.

These features collectively make the Toniebox a user-friendly and engaging audio device for children.

4. A Toniebox easily travels.

This is one of my most favorite features. I love that we can take our Toniebox anywhere. It is lightweight and easy for our kids to move about the house with.

And with the Toniebox having a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours, we are taking the Toniebox on a several hour road trip to the beach this weekend.

Knowing that we have a toy that can provide hours of kid appropriate entertainment without screen time is a dream!

There are several accessories you can purchase, like a Toniebox carrying case, to make travel even easier.

Note that since the Toniebox normally plays via wifi, the Tonies you take on the road need to be installed on the box beforehand.

To do that, simply set the Tonie character on top of the Toniebox. When the LED light flashes from blue to green, the contents will be fully downloaded.

Depending on the size of the track, this can take longer than others, but for all of ours, it was a matters of seconds.

5. A Toniebox is awesome for bedtime routines.

I personally don’t fall asleep easily, and neither does my daughter. People with healthy sleep patterns typically fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes of laying down in their bed.

To help with this, I listen to an Audible in bed. That’s when it dawned on me that a Toniebox might help our daughter fall asleep, as it is like a kid version of Audible. There even are Tonies Sleepy Friends that tell bedtime stories.

Ever since we purchased a Toniebox, our daughter happily listens to her Tonies in bed, falling asleep within 20 to 30 minutes.

The Toniebox really has alleviated bedtime anxiety for our daughter, as she is well aware that she doesn’t fall asleep easily. This magical box has helped minimize stress and has made getting in bed a more enjoyable experience.

For that, we are so grateful!

2 Cons in the Toniebox Review

Tonies figurines in a Tonies Toniebox Review

1. The number of magnetic Tonies that you can accumulate is a lot.

For someone who doesn’t like stuff or clutter, having so many figurines is hard for me.

BUT, the pros DEFINITELY outweigh the cons. You just have to be prepared to have a smart spot to store and keep them all together, preventing them from getting lost or taking up shelf space.

And, while this is a con, it also really is an awesome pro….I LOVE having SO MANY to choose from! Each child is so unique; I love that there truly is a Tonie character for everyone!

2. The Toniebox has a hefty price tag.

BUT, you get what you pay for; it is well worth the price.

Toniebox Review: Final Thoughts

The Toniebox is an amazing tool for young children, offering a safe and engaging way to enjoy stories and music. Its durability and simplicity make it a practical choice for parents, while the variety of content ensures that it remains a favorite with children.

Although the cost of additional Tonies can add up, the value it provides in terms of entertainment and educational content makes it a worthwhile investment.

We absolutely love our Toniebox and hope you do, too!

People Also Ask…

What age is appropriate for a Toniebox?

A Toniebox was designed for children to use independently aged 3 and up. Its simple, durable design makes it suitable for young children who can benefit from its interactive and audio-based storytelling features. The tactile and easy-to-use design helps engage preschool-aged children while supporting their listening and comprehension skills.

How long does each Tonie last?

Each Tonie character varies in length. Their track lists range anywhere from 16 minutes to 50 minutes.

What is the point of a Toniebox?

The Toniebox is a music box and auditory storyteller that transports children to the magical world of imagination and adventures. Its purpose is to independently entertain children while fostering their listening and comprehension skills.

What are the benefits of a Toniebox?

There are many benefits of a Toniebox: screen-free entertainment, educational yet fun content on many subjects, interactive learning, imaginative play, independent play, bedtime routine support.

What is a Creative Tonie?

A Creative Tonie is a customizable Tonie that allow you to upload your own content, from stories to music to educational content, etc. The recordings can become a cherished keepsake, as they preserve the voice and messages of loved ones.

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