26 Healthy Snacks for Moms That Are Quick & Easy

Fruits and nuts--healthy snacks for moms

Healthy snacks to make

We can’t forget about snacks for moms!

As someone who used to pride myself in how I took care of my body with daily exercise and healthy eating, I cannot believe how much I struggle with maintaining these two things now as a mom.

I never thought that something I value so much–my health–would be an item in my life that would take a back seat.

Becoming a mom caused quite a shift in how I operate. Going from a world where all I had to think about was me (and my husband) to a world where I am thought of last, turned me upside down.

When I say I was thought of last, I am not talking about my husband and children putting me last. I am talking about me putting me last.

While that mind shift was happening, I knew it was bad. But I couldn’t stop it for the longest time. I had become so exhausted that I was literally too tired to think. Self care went out the window.

Providing nourishment and care to my children–especially in the newborn stage where I was up all hours of the night–had me barely functioning. After that came sleepless nights with toddler sleep talking and preschool illnesses. The cycle of no rest continued.

That led me to just do what was easy (i.e. eat a bowl of cereal; eat leftover chicken nuggets from my kids’ plates; eat another bowl of mac n’ cheese).

The bad eating exacerbated the feeling of low energy and fatigue, so I just stayed too exhausted to properly take care of myself. The poor sleep and poor diet caused me to have one heck of a year with catching every preschool illness imaginable when our firstborn started school.

With the biggest bags under my eyes and the umpteenth visit to the doctor, the physician took one look at me and said, “You need sleep. Sleep is the best medicine.” She recommended a sleep aid, and I happily took it.

That doctor kick-started my wake up call and reminded me the importance of taking care of myself.

Kids thrive the most when their parents are well rested, healthy, and happy. If we sleep well and eat well, our moods improve drastically, allowing us to more successfully tackle the day.

That is why I decided to make it a standard to have a house stocked with healthy snacks for me. Healthy snacks for moms are just as important as healthy snacks for kids!

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Easy, Healthy Snacks for Moms

assortment of chopped up vegetables--healthy snacks for moms

Us mamas are often more focused on our kids than ourselves. But we need to remember to carve out time for us, too, so that we can make sure we are fueling our bodies appropriately to feel our best. Give yourself the energy boost you need to keep going throughout the day with these awesome snacks for moms.

Here are the 26 best snacks for moms:

1. BIENA Chickpea Snacks

chickpea snacks--healthy grab and go snacks

Knowing what we put into our bodies is important. That is why I try hard to buy foods with ingredients I can pronounce (no chemicals). These chickpeas fall into that category. They satisfy a chip craving any day and come in many delicious flavors!

2. Brami Lupini Bean Snacks

Brami beans variety pack--healthy grab and go snacks for moms

The variety pack is SO GOOD. These beans are marinated in a variety of seasonings. I love how easily these fit in my purse, and any snack high in protein and fiber is a win! They are one of the best healthy grab and go snacks for a busy mom.

3. Beef sticks

beef sticks healthy grab and go snacks for moms

For an easy protein boost, I love beef sticks! I like brands with ingredients I can pronounce, like these ones or these ones. My little ones especially enjoy them; beef sticks are one of the best healthy snacks for kids, too!

4. Rx Bars

RX Bars snacks for moms

RX Bars contain just four ingredients! They are a clean and tasty option to maintain hunger and travel easily.

5. Oven Baked Cheese Bites

three bags of oven-baked cheese bites--snacks for moms

These contain clean ingredients with lots of protein to help you stay full. They are one of my most favorite snacks!

6. Chia pouches

Chia squeeze snacks--healthy grab and go snacks

Mamma Chia Squeeze Snacks quench a sweet tooth and travel so nicely when out and about. They are an easy, healthy grab and go snack.

7. Plantain Chips

plantain chips variety pack of four as healthy snacks for moms

Plantain chips are a healthy upgrade from regular chips. I like that these ones in particular are organic plantains with organic coconut oil (instead of an industrial seed oil).

8. Avocado cups from Costco

Wholly Avocado smashed avocado in ten cups

These are delicious! I eat them straight from the cup and sprinkle some salt on top. They are tasty dips for dunking veggies, too. My most favorite part is that they contain clean ingredients!

9. Cauliflower Sandwich Rounds

cauliflower sandwich thins--snacks for moms

The only problem with this snack is I wish it came in bigger quantities! People use these as a bread replacement, but I just eat them by themselves or with a cheese.

10. Manzanilla Olives

pack of manzanilla olives for snacks for moms

These are awesome fat snacks! They travel easily for a mom-on-the-go.

11. That’s It Fruit Bars

That's It fruit bars--clean ingredient snacks for moms

These are perfect for eating on the road. The simple, clean ingredients are what I love the most, as so many bars are filled with chemicals.

12. Dark chocolate

UNREAL dark chocolate coconut bars--healthy grab and go snacks

Did you know that dark chocolate is great for brain health, heart health, and your skin? Plus, dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate. I either keep a bar of 72% cacao or UNREAL Dark Chocolate in my house at all times 🙂

13. Yogurt with honey and berries

bowl of yogurt and berries as healthy snacks to make

I try to stay away from added sugars whenever possible, so I prefer plain yogurt over the flavored ones. I like to sweeten it by adding honey and berries. A bowl of yogurt is one of my most favorite healthy snacks to make.

14. Fruit with nut butter or cheese

cup of peanut butter on a plate of apple slices for snacks for moms

If you pair a naked carb (like an apple or banana that is all by itself) with a healthy fat (like a peanut butter or a cheese), it helps you feel full longer.

15. Rice cake with nut butter and raisins (or any fruit)

Trader Joe's rice cake thins with peanut butter and banana

This was one of my favorite snacks as a kid and still remains a favorite as an adult. I get the rice cake thins from Trader Joe’s.

16. Rice cake (or toast) with avocado

avocado half

Avocados are a superfood and are always an awesome choice. Sprinkle Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on top for an even more delicious snack!

17. Avocado with tomato, mozzarella, olives

bowl of tomatoes, basil, cheese, and olives as a snack for moms

If you have never had balsamic glaze before, you are missing out! I love squirting this stuff on so many things, especially avocados with tomato, mozzarella, and olives. It jazzes up your dish with so much flavor. Yum!

18. Hard boiled egg with berries and nuts/cheese

bowl of eggs on a napkin

Eggs are a hunger-satisfying protein. Pair them with some fat (the nuts or cheese) and fiber (the berries), and you’ve got an awesome trio. Go-to nuts I keep in my house are cashews and almonds.

19. Veggies and hummus

plate of vegetables with hummus for snacks for moms

Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, and celery are precut in my fridge. Set aside 15 minutes to chop these up and keep all week long for easy grab and go options.

20. Crackers with cheese, fruit, and nuts

crackers, cheese, and fruit platter for snacks for moms

I think it’s safe to say most moms have crackers in their house. Round out the snack by adding healthy fats and protein like cheese and nuts.

21. Peanut butter balls

dish of peanut butter balls

This snack takes just a few minutes to prep, and any nut butter can be used. We absolutely love this recipe!

22. Sourdough English Muffin with nut butter and honey

toasted English muffin

As stated on WebMD, sourdough bread may help keep your blood sugar levels more stable than if you were to eat another white bread. It is deemed to be a healthier bread. Plus, it is simply delicious.

23. Cottage cheese

bowl of cottage cheese and chives for snacks for moms

As an excellent source of protein, cottage cheese helps you feel full longer. I love putting tomatoes with salt and pepper in mine.

24. Jicama

plate of jicama slices with dips and seasonings

Jicama is a crunchy, crispy vegetable that is fun to eat with spicy seasonings. Or, you can wrap it up in your favorite deli meat. It is quite the versatile vegetable! I get mine from Trader Joe’s.

25. Celery sticks with nut butter

plate of celery with peanut butter

Did you know that celery can help ease menstrual discomfort as well as asthma symptoms? Celery is also loaded with antioxidants! Grab your favorite nut butter and lather up some celery sticks.

26. Smoothie prepped from Costco

bag of frozen fruits and veggies for a smoothie

With 6 individual bags containing organic fruits, kale, and spinach, all you have to do is dump! Add your preferred yogurt and milk, or any other ingredient of choice. I LOVE this item at Costco because of the clean ingredients, the variety of veggies/fruits, and the convenience of the individual bags.

I hope you love these snacks just as much as I do!

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