Why THIS Kids Portable Potty is the BEST

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Best Travel Potty for Toddlers

Are you shopping for a kids portable potty?

I was too.

Among my 4 year old daughter, my 2 year old son, my 5 year old niece, and my 2 year old niece, we have experienced a lot of training toilets and travel toilets.

There are MANY to choose from! All get the job done. But, there definitely is one clear winner for the BEST kids portable potty.

When you are out and about, and your little one needs to use the restroom, facilitating the process can become challenging if you do not have the best travel potty for your toddler.

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7 Things to Consider in a Kids Portable Potty

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1. Portability and Size

From snacks, to water bottles, to spare underwear, and more, there are many things us mamas have to carry. Adding a toilet to the mix that easily fits in your purse or diaper bag is a must!

2. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Some travel potties come with lots of pieces that are removable or adjustable. To me, that is just more to clean and more to keep track of. I like a toilet that keeps my child clean and is easy for me to clean.

3. Stability and Security

The toilet needs to be stable enough to promote safety and be durable enough to withstand the normal wear and tear that comes from travel and regular usage. Your little one needs to feel secure and comfortable to easily go to the bathroom.

4. Ease of Use

Ease of use is of course important for your child, but the portable toilet also needs to be easy to use for us moms! I am not buying it if it is not simple and convenient for me to assemble and carry around, too.

5. Price and Value

While price is a factor, prioritize value over the lowest price. I have seen kids portable potties as low as $9.99 and as high as $40. The winner of the best kids portable potty is priced just under $15 at the time this article published, and Forbes even ranks it as the best value potty training seat.

6. Reviews and Recommendations

Five star reviews and Amazon‘s Choice speak volumes! Reviews from other parents having real experiences are so helpful.

The BEST kids portable potty has THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of five star reviews, and it is an Amazon’s Choice, and it is voted as best Overall Pick. See below to learn what it is!

7. Brand Reputation

While an up-and-coming brand might have something awesome, I always lean towards making a purchase from a well-known brand. I feel like customer support (if ever needed) is usually better, and the quality of the product is usually a better guarantee.

So with all the aforementioned to consider, which kids portable potty checks off all these boxes?!

Winner of the BEST Kids Portable Potty

Jool Baby Travel Potty Seat!

kids portable potty

Here are the 6 Reasons Why:

1. Easy to use

It is one single piece of equipment with suction cups on the bottom. It sticks to ANY kind of toilet, from the different kinds in your home to the big ones in public restrooms.

I am all about doing what is easy and simple; I often follow the “less is more” motto. So prior to purchasing the Jool Baby, I thought I didn’t need a kids portable potty and could just prop my kids on a tissue-covered toilet in a public restroom whenever needed…

After one attempt of grossly doing that, I decided to get the Jool Baby. I am SO GLAD I did!!

It has made outings and activities outside of the home seriously a breeze! The Jool Baby is easily one of my most favorite purchases as a parent.

2. Easy to carry

It FOLDS into a small bag with straps (that is included when you purchase the toilet). I absolutely love this feature. The toilet is so lightweight and discreet. It goes everywhere with us, be it the zoo, road trips, and more.

3. Easy to clean

I originally bought the Jool Baby Travel Toilet strictly for travel and outings. But when I realized how much easier it is to clean (especially with having a boy) than the toddler toilet we kept at home, the Jool Baby Travel Toilet quickly became the one we use in our house, too.

The other toddler toilet was awesome for many reasons, but it has lots of parts and got gross quickly with our son using it…Training a boy to “point down” takes lots of practice and the little protector on that toddler toilet did not stop pee from spraying everywhere.

The Jool Baby has less “hiding spots” for pee to get in, so it is much easier to clean.

4. Adult-like

Children often enjoy modeling what their parents do, and that is especially true for our little ones. Our kids love the Jool Baby toilet because it allows them to go potty like “Mama do” or “Dada do”.

Side Note: While we are on the conversation of restrooms, do you ever wish you could simplify your periods? Check out what I discovered that has made periods a breeze for me here.

5. Durable

I love the material not only for how easy it is to clean, but also for how durable it is. Full disclosure…when my kids and I are all in a public stall together, I sit on the Jool Baby too (even though the recommended weight limit is 50 pounds!) because it is one less step to just use it after them than to take it off and line the public toilet with tissue paper.

6. Secure

With how often we are popping ours off and on from our bathroom at home to bathrooms out and about, the suction pieces do not wear down! There is no slipping off the seat. The portable toilet is so safe and secure.

The Other Kids Portable Potty We Love

Baby Bjorn Smart Potty

kids portable potty for toddlers in training

This is the toilet we used to potty train our children. I chose it based off what was recommended in Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and to Do It Right, by Jamie Glowacki. If you are in the early stages of potty training, or are about to start, I highly recommend this book!

We followed the book’s guidelines verbatim and were able to have our children potty trained before they were two years old.

This is also the toilet we take with us when we go camping, as our littles are not quite comfortable yet to “go” without a toilet.

Before we reached the Jool Baby toilet stage, the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty traveled with us everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Having a kids portable potty that you and your child feel good and comfortable with is important. The Jool Baby Travel Toilet makes the process of using the restroom so much simpler and easier for everyone involved! I hope you and your family end up loving it just as much as we do!

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