The Magic of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine (2024)

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Baby Sound Machine

What is so special about the Hatch Rest Sound Machine?!

I used to wonder the same thing!

Maybe you are shopping for your baby registry, or maybe you are a sleep deprived parent desperately looking for a solution.

I was the latter.

The LIGHT in this particular sound machine seriously changed our lives.

We went from a household filled with constant sleep interruptions throughout the night to a house of blissful zzzz’s all because of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine.

I know it sounds crazy…how can a light change a baby’s sleep habits?

I will tell you!

What is covered in this article:

  • the benefits of having a sound machine for your children
  • the differences among the Hatch Rest, Hatch Rest Plus, and Hatch Rest Mini
  • the light features within the sound machine for sleep training

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The Benefits of a Baby Sound Machine

Being in the womb is a loud experience, from all the internal noises the body makes to the muffled noises of the outside world. The white noise of sound machines provides soothing comfort to babies, reminding them of being in the womb. This helps little ones fall asleep more easily.

Additionally, the machine blocks out most of the noises within a household, allowing parents and siblings to go about their regular activities without needing to tip-toe in their own home for fear of waking up the baby. The sound machine prevents external noises from interrupting nap time.

Plus, babies (like adults) thrive on routine and predictability. Routine instills comfort and stability. Positive behavior is promoted when babies know what to expect.

And if you turn a sound machine on every time they are to go to sleep, babies will equate the noise with rest. It will cue them that it is time for bed.

But, not all sound machines are the same.

The Hatch Rest Sound Machine is Forbes vetted, ranking as one of the top seven sound machines. states the Hatch Rest Sound Machine is “a magical-all-in-one device that’s part sound machine, part night light, and 100% a dream for parents.”

I couldn’t agree more!

That is why I have the Hatch Rest listed as a recommendation on my minimalist baby registry checklist.

The Differences Among the Hatch Rest Sound Machines

There are the Hatch Rest, Hatch Rest Plus, and Hatch Rest Mini.

Here is a breakdown of their similarities and differences:

ProductHatch RestHatch Rest PlusHatch Rest Mini
Photo Hatch Rest Sound Machine in chart displaying the differences among the three kinds Hatch Rest Sound MachinesHatch Rest Plus 2nd Generation image in a chart on the different Hatch Rest Sound MachinesPicture of a Hatch Rest Mini Sound Machine within a chart describing the different Hatch Rest Sound Machines
Customizable Night LightYesYesNo
Control From Your PhoneYesYesYes
Power Cord NeededNoNoYes
Time-to-Rise FeatureYesYesNo
Alexa EnabledNoYesNo
Dimmable ClockYesYesNo
Includes Audio MonitorNoYesNo
Custom TimerYesYesYes
Great for babies, toddlers, big kidsYesYesYes

The Hatch Rest and Hatch Rest Plus are pretty similar with the features they offer. However, the Hatch Rest Plus can be controlled through Alexa and doubles as an audio baby monitor, whereas the other two Hatches do not have these capabilities.

The Hatch Rest Mini requires being plugged in with a cord while the other two do not. The Hatch Rest Mini acts more like a traditional sound machine with not as many features.

But, all three kinds can be controlled from your phone, which is super helpful!

Which Hatch Rest Sound Machine is the Best?

The different Hatches offer many great features, as shown in the chart above. The best one is the one that meets you and your family’s specific needs.

I personally have the Hatch Rest and absolutely love it. While slightly bulky, it does fit easily into our diaper backpack and conveniently travels.

Utilizing the Hatch Rest Sound Machine LIGHT for Sleep Training

Young girl sleeping in bed with teddy bear

Often times when babies wake–no matter when–they think, “I am up, so it’s time to come get me.”

The concept of time is very hard to explain to toddlers, let alone babies. Learning that if you wake in the middle of the night, you’re supposed to go back to sleep, is equally hard.

That’s where the Hatch night light comes into play.

There is a time-to-rise feature on the Hatch where you can turn on a color (which is the night light) and even change the sound if you wanted to (say from white noise to chirping birds), to let your child know it is okay to wake now.

The color turns on as an alarm does, as you can set the timer for it from your phone. And after just a few days of changing the color before going in to get your child, he/she will learn, “I’m only picked up when the color comes.”

The earlier they learn this, the easier it is to sleep train. But if you are reading this and your child is past the infant stage, turn the Hatch into a game. Let me explain…

With our daughter, we originally had a traditional sound machine, where all it did was play various sounds–nothing else. Our daughter woke repeatedly throughout the night, letting everyone in the house know.

It wasn’t until she was about one and a half years old when a friend recommended we try “the light”…aka the Hatch Rest Sound Machine.

We thought it sounded crazy that a light could fix our issues, but we were desperate for a restful night of sleep, so we made the purchase.

It is easily one of the best baby products we ever bought.

To introduce the new, fancy sound machine, we made a game. I said to my daughter, “Let’s pretend to sleep and turn this on to pink rain. Let’s wake up when it turns to green rain.”

We both closed our eyes, made funny snoring sounds for about ten seconds, and then I switched the light to green and said, “Oh! It’s green! Time to wake!” We then ran out of the room.

Next, I turned the sound machine back to pink rain from my phone, walked into the bedroom, and said, “Oh! It’s pink rain. Time to sleep,” and we laid down, pretended to snore, and played the game again.

We repeated this several times. The game had lots of laughter, and it was a very fun way to show our daughter what the sound machine teaches us…the concept of time.

When real bedtime came, I reminded our daughter of the game we played earlier, reiterating we wake when the light is green.

Our daughter used to start every day at 4 AM. With the Hatch Rest, the first morning I turned it green at 4:05 AM. The next morning I did 4:10 AM…and we slowly increased the time-to-rise feature in incremental minutes to where she learned to fall back asleep.

Because of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine, our daughter naturally sleeps in now past 7 AM.

The Hatch Rest Sound Machine truly changed our lives. We finally have a happily sleeping household, all night long.

Final Thoughts

Hatch.Co says it best: The Hatch Rest Sound Machine makes sleep magically simple with bedtime routines that grow with your child.

No matter the kind you choose, you can’t go wrong with Hatch Rest.

I hope I have made the process of figuring out which sound machine to purchase a little bit easier. Happy resting 🙂

Additional Questions People Ask

Is the Hatch Rest Worth it?

Yes. The Hatch Rest grows with your baby into toddlerhood and beyond; it is more than your average sound machine. The Hatch Rest has extra features that make it more than just a typical sound machine: a time-to-sleep feature, a time-to-rise feature, and a night light. Plus, you can control it from your phone! These additional features help streamline the transitions involved with both bedtime and morning routines.

What is so special about the Hatch Rest Sound Machine?

The Hatch Sound Machine is more than the average sound machine with the additional features it offers. It is a sleep device that can be controlled from your phone and grows with your child. The device allows you to program different colors and sounds for when it is time to sleep and time to rise, making the process of sleep training easier. The Hatch Rest Sound Machine promotes healthy sleep habits at every stag

Does the Hatch Sound Machine stay on all night?

Yes, it can if you would like. The Hatch Sound Machine can be programmed to the color and sound of your choice as it has timers incorporated within the app.

What level should Hatch Sound Machine be at for baby?

There is conflicting research for the correct sound machine level, but the general consensus appears to be 65 decibels or lower. This can be determined by downloading a decibel app and measuring the volume with the phone near the crib. The specific level will vary depending on the location of the Hatch Sound Machine and its proximity to the crib. The volume of the sound machine should be high enough to block out external noises outside of the baby’s room, but it should be far enough not to hurt the baby’s ears. Between 3 to 6 feet is the recommended distance from the crib.

Can you have multiple Hatch Sound Machines?

Yes, the app on your phone allows you to set up multiple Hatch Sound Machines so everyone in your household can have a restful night of sleep. On the home screen of the Hatch app, there is an “Add a Hatch Product” option.

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