35 Best Baby Books for Girls in 2024 – You’ll Love #18!

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Best Baby Books for Girls

Baby books for girls are so fun to pick out!

As a former reading and English teacher, I LOVE books!

My favorite part about getting baby books to read with my children is discovering which ones they end up gravitating to the most.

My oldest is as girly as can be with her love of sparkly jewelry, frilly dresses, and fancy shoes. On the flip side, she also loves roaring like a monster, driving tractors in dirt, and hunting for dinosaurs in our backyard.

As a result, she enjoys the girly books just as much as she does the not-so-girly books. And I love that. She is a constant reminder to me about the joy in variety.

The more exposure we can provide to our children about all the amazing hobbies and explorations that are out there, the better.

That is why this compilation of baby books for girls highlights a wide variety of best baby books to read in all categories:

  • Touch and Feel Books
  • Classic Books
  • Indestructible Books
  • Board Books
  • Picture Books

Side note: Did you know that high contrast books are best for babies? Be sure to include these in your baby book library. Also, are you shopping for baby books for boys, too? If so, check out my recommendations here.

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Touch and Feel Baby Books for Girls

Touch and feel baby books incorporate pages with different textures, from furry bunnies to silky flowers. These books are wonderful for helping children learn through the five senses and broaden their vocabulary. They encourage interaction and teach new concepts in a fun way. Here are some of the best touch and feel baby books for girls.

1. See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book, by Roger Priddy

Picture of one of the best baby books

Summary: This book contains colorful pictures with happy babies and fun shapes that are in creative textures, patterns, and trails. The book promotes curiosity through sensory play, as every page has a new activity for your baby to explore.

Why I love it: This truly is an ideal first book to have in your baby girl’s book collection because of how playful and interactive it is. With THOUSANDS of five star reviews on Amazon, many would agree!

It is such a happy book with all the beautiful colors. My kids and I love exploring it together; it promotes such a love of books.

As part of a series, there are many other great See, Touch, Feel books, like this one, too.

2. If I Were a Unicorn, by Jellycat

Picture of one of the best baby books for girls with a stuffed animal unicorn

Summary: Feel different textures as you turn each page and read about unicorns…”If I were a unicorn, my horn would be pearly…” This particular book comes with a 12″ unicorn stuffed animal, making the book extra special!

Why I love it: To be completely honest, I was not a fan of unicorns before I became a parent. I just didn’t like them. But when we were gifted this book, and I saw my daughter’s eyes light up, my opinion shifted. She absolutely loves feeling the fun textures while learning about the magical animal. She is a big fan of unicorns, and I am now, too. 🙂

Made by Jellycat, they offer many other If I were… books, like this one about a giraffe or this one about a monkey. There are lots of cute animals to choose from!

3. Colors with a Ladybug, by Dawn Sirett

Image of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: Follow a ladybug on her magical adventure of discovering colors in the rainbow with her animal friends. Each page has sparkly textured items, including magical boots she wears.

Why I love it: This book ignites a love of reading with the vibrant colors and sparkly pages. It was our daughter’s favorite book for a very long time. Highly recommend!

4. My Busiest Book Ever! by Scholastic

Picture of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: Promote the development of fine motor skills with all the flaps, textures, and exploratory features in this book. Your little one will be quite occupied with all the activities within this book!

Why I love it: Each page is so different than the next. It is full of sensory items that are exciting to touch and are very engaging .

5. I Love You Every Day, by Cottage Door Press

Picture of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: This board book has a baby bear finger puppet for you to play with your little one as you read about all the ways mama bear loves her baby.

Why I love it: This book creates lots of giggles and snuggles with the finger puppet baby bear! Told in a rhyme, story time is so fun and sweet with this book.

Made by Cottage Door Press, this finger puppet book is one of many in its collection, like The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Teeny Tiny Mermaid.

6. Noisy Farm, by Tiger Tales

Image of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: Learn about farm animals by feeling their different coats and hearing their different animal sounds.

Why I love it: The button to each animal plays very realistic animal sounds, and each page includes fun facts about farm animals. This is a much loved book by our children.

7. Never Touch a Dinosaur! by Rosie Greening

Picture of one of the best baby books

Summary: Don’t ever touch a dinosaur, except for in this book! Each page offers unique silicone textures on the different kinds of dinosaurs.

Why I love it: Full of playful, funny rhymes on why not to touch a dinosaur, this book is a favorite in our house. The silicone textures are unlike any other sensory book I’ve seen; they are extra engaging for our little ones.

Plus, the book is part of a 32 book series! We have many of them and love them all, from Never Look for a Chameleon! to Never Touch the Bugs! and more!

8. My Quiet Book, by Pockets of Learning

Image of one of the best baby books

Summary: From buttons that snap to zippers on clothes, this Montessori based book is full of engaging, interactive fine motor skills.

Why I love it: Your child really will be quiet with it! It maintains their focus for a long time and promotes important skills that take lots of practice, like buttoning buttons, tying shoes, zipping clothes, etc. The fact that my daughter can practice these skills in a book where pieces are tethered and won’t get lost is really neat.

9. Sensory Snuggables Unicorn Fun, by Alexandra Robinson

Picture of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: Made from soft cloth, this sensory touch and feel book has lots of fun tails and horns to explore.

Why I love it: I didn’t know about fabric books until I became a mom, and I just think they are awesome. They provide something different to feel and see than the average board book or picture book. My babies loved them, and we have a few others that you can check out here.

Classic Baby Books for Girls

A book becomes a classic when it has maintained popularity well passed the time it was written. Here are some of the top classic baby books for girls. They are definitely some of the best baby books to read!

10. Pat the Bunny, by Dorothy Kunhardt

Picture of one of the best baby books for girls

Summary: There are three classic books in this box. Each provide unique touch and feel elements and pull tabs that are fun and inviting for little hands to explore, from Dad’s rough beard to making a dog’s tail wag. Each have a cute, realistic fiction story line.

Why I love it: When I first received this gift box, my honest thought was, “These look outdated and why are they so flimsy?” I was not impressed, but that was BEFORE I knew they were classic baby books and BEFORE I gave them a chance.

My kids absolutely LOVE these. Because they are made of such light material, they are super easy for small hands to hold. The pull tabs and textures are like no other and are incredibly engaging.

11. Mother Goose Treasury, by Parragon Books

Picture of one of the best baby books

Summary: This book compiles a collection of classic nursery rhyme favorites with adorable illustrations, from Do You Know the Muffin Man to Hickory Dickory Dock, and more.

Why I love it: I am a former reading teacher and learned in college that nursery rhymes have a lot of educational benefits, from exposing your child to story structure, phonemic awareness, and more. When I became pregnant with my firstborn, this was the first book I bought for her library. We spend a lot of time snuggled up reading these nursery rhymes together.

12. Lift the Flap: Nursery Rhymes, by Roger Priddy

Picture of one of the best baby books

Summary: With large flaps that reveal fun surprises as you read about classics like Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill, your little one will be sure to enjoy this book of classic nursery rhymes.

Why I love it: Some nursery rhymes can be odd and dark, but this book contains only the fun ones. I love it for that and for the educational reasons mentioned above for the Mother Goose Treasury. If you are not big on nursery rhymes but still want your child to know the classic ones, this condensed version is great for that.

13. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, by Bill Martin & John Archambault

Image of a book cover for babies

Summary: “A told B, and B told C, I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree…” Written in poetic form, this book has a lively, upbeat rhythm as you read it.

Why I love it: It is an entertaining way to learn the letters of the alphabet. With THOUSANDS of five star reviews on Amazon, it is loved by many families.

14. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? By Dr. Seuss

Cover to one of the best baby books to read

Summary: This is an abridged version to the classic, specifically made for babies and toddlers. Learn about the wonderful sounds of animals, instruments, and nature as Mr. Brown imitates them all in a rhyme.

Why I love it: My list would not be complete without some of Dr. Seuss’s books! His imagination is so fun to see illustrated and written, especially in this board book because it exposes children to all sorts of sounds. This book is easily my daughter’s most loved baby book.

15. Fox in Socks, by Dr. Seuss

Cover of one of the classic baby books

Summary: This is an abridged version to the classic, specifically made for babies and toddlers. A book about the tongue-twisted games Mr. Fox plays on his friend Mr. Knox will be sure to cause some giggles.

Why I love it: The tongue twisters are goofy and fun, making my daughter and I laugh a lot during story time. This book has stimulated such a love of creativity and imagination in our daughter. It is high on our daughter’s list of favorites.

16. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

Cover of a classic baby book

Summary: This slide-and-find book takes you through different animals and what they see.

Why I love it: The slide-and-find feature is unique and well loved by my children. It creates for a very engaging reading experience. If you don’t know much about Eric Carle, he painted tissue paper to make his illustrations in all his books…pretty neat!

Board Books Baby Books for Girls

Board Books help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. With the sturdy pages and (usually) smaller book size, they are easy for little hands to hold and turn the pages. Here are some of the best baby books to read in this category.

17. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Colors, by DK

Cover of an interactive board book for baby girls

Summary: Each page in this book focuses on one beautiful color with an exciting surprise behind each flap.

Why I love it: What baby doesn’t love a game of Peek-a-Boo?! Every Pop-Up Peek-a-Boo! book in the series is wonderful! The flaps and objects that pop up are very big, creating a dramatically fun experience. All little girls will enjoy this book!

18. Boynton’s Greatest Hits: The Big Blue Box, by Sandra Boynton

Boxed set of board books for babies

Summary: This set includes four famously popular books from the beloved Sandra Boynton (Moo, Baa, La La La!; A to Z; Doggies; and Blue Hat Green Hat).

Why I love it: One of my most favorite children’s authors is Sandra Boynton. My daughter and I are in love with ALL of Sandra Boynton’s books because they are so funny and creative. They are especially fun to read aloud because they are written with such a rhythm they become like songs.

We also have these ones, too, that are equally enjoyable:

Sandra Boynton’s books are must-reads for sure!

19. Dream Big, Little One, by Vashti Harrison

Cover of a board book

Summary: “Dream big, little one. There’s so much you can do…” This book is about women in history who made a big impact in the world.

Why I love it: Babies are naturally drawn to faces, and with the faces of different women on each page, my daughter was captivated. I love the inspiring message that you can achieve anything you want.

20. My First Peek-a-Boo Animals, by Eric Carle

Cover of a board book for babies

Summary: Play Peek-a-Boo to learn about different kinds of animals and the sounds they make.

Why I love it: Peek-a-Boo flaps are such a playful, engaging way to have your child learn and pay attention to what is going on as you read.

21. You’re My Little Cuddle Bug, by Nicola Edwards

Cover of a board book for baby girls

Summary: This book is about a mom and her baby and all the ways she loves her.

Why I love it: It is a super cute story that any mom is sure to love. The raised cut-outs of the little cuddle bugs on each page add depth and promote curiosity.

22. The ABC’s of Calm, by Rose Rossner & Brooke Backsen

Book cover to a baby book

Summary: This book teaches the alphabet with mindfulness for each letter: “A is for Affirmation. I’m great, and I shine…”

Why I love it: I absolutely love the book’s message and think mindfulness is something we can always practice more of.

23. I’ve Loved You Since Forever, by Hoda Kotb

Book cover to a baby book

Summary: This heartwarming book is about a mom’s timeless love between her and her baby. The book is inspired by NBC’s Today co-anchor Hoda Kotb and the adoption of her baby girl.

Why I love it: The illustrations by Suzie Mason are stunning! The beautiful message in the book along with the lyrical text make me want to snuggle up and read it over and over with my daughter.

Indestructible Baby Books for Girls

The original Indestructibles are a brand of books that are 100% washable, rip proof, chew proof, and nontoxic. They are literally indestructible, making them perfect for babies! There are so many to choose from, but these are some of our favorites.

24. Baby, Let’s Eat

Cover of an indestructible baby book

Summary: Discover food in colors of the rainbow.

Why I love it: Reading about food is another fun and educational way to expose babies to the wonderful world of solids!

25. Baby, See the Colors!

Cover of an indestructible baby book

Summary: “The sky is blue–and so are blueberries! Flowers and giraffes are yellow–school buses, too!”

Why I love it: The images are large and bright. The text is educational.

26. Baby, Let’s Count!

Cover of an indestructible baby book

Summary: This book practices counting with farm animals.

Why I love it: It is simple and basic–perfect for young minds!

27. Baby Faces: A Book of Happy, Silly, Funny Faces

Cover of an indestructible baby book

Summary: Explore facial expressions with cute, simple phrases to pair: “Are you feeling happy? Hurray!…Are you feeling hungry? Yum-yum!”

Why I love it: Similar to my reason above, the simplicity is great for early readers. And, it is a known fact babies love looking at other faces, so this book is greatly enjoyed!

Picture Books for Baby Girls

Picture books provide so many wonderful benefits to emerging readers. The illustrations alongside the text allow children to better develop vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and so much more.

28. Fancy Nancy: The Wonderful World of Fancy Nancy (Set of 4 Books), by Jane O’Connor

Four picture books for baby girls

Summary: The four famously popular books in this set are Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!; Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It’s Beauty Day; Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire!; and Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist. With each story, Nancy brings style and glamour to everything she does.

Why I love it: Nancy is the most lovable character with her strong desire to learn, play, discover, and help–all in style. Nancy is a great role model in so many ways and demonstrates awesome traits of good character.

The illustrations alone are spectacular, too! They are drawn with such spirit and energy, perfectly matching the storyline.

Fancy Nancy books are easily some of my daughter’s most favorite pieces of literature.

29. Princesses Wear Pants, by Savannah Guthrie

A picture book for baby girls

Summary: Written by NBC’s Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim, this fairy tale is about a princess who loves to wear clothes that suit the job at hand. From a sequined flight suit to overalls in her vegetable garden, Princess Penelope does things in style. But not everyone feels pants are appropriate for a princess. In the end, her courage and style save the day.

Why I love it: This is another book my daughter has enjoyed reading from a very young age. It celebrates individuality in a creative way.

30. My Little Brave Girl, by Hillary Duff

A picture book baby girls

Summary: Written by Hillary Duff, an actress, singer and mother, this book is a love letter from a mother to a daughter. “The world is big, my little brave girl. It’s all here for you…”

Why I love it: It makes for a special mother-daughter read aloud and sends a heartwarming message about bravery and love. It definitely is one of the best baby books! With all the raving five star reviews on Amazon, many would agree with me!

31. If I Had a Little Dream, by Nina Laden

Picture book for baby girls

Summary: This book talks about the joy, love, and beauty that is a part of every day. Through a child’s eye we see how fortunate we are.

Why I love it: I wish I would have learned about this book sooner. The last page is my favorite, “If I had a little dream, I would name it You. You would make life magical, where wishes do come true.” It is the sweetest book!

32. Dear Girl, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Paris Rosenthal

Picture book for baby girls

Summary: Written as a letter to a daughter, each page expresses how special and loved she is.

Why I love it: It is full of positive reinforcement and encouragement. The message is empowering and sweet. It is POPULAR with the volume of five star reviews it has on Amazon!

33. You Are My Happy, by Hoda Kotb

Picture book for baby girls

Summary: Another book by the NBC Today co-anchor Hoda Kotb, this book is of a mama cub and her baby reflecting on their day at bedtime. They go through all the things they did and express gratitude.

Why I love it: This book is so endearing and makes me smile every time I see it on my daughter’s bookshelf because she really is “my happy”. The illustrations by Suzie Mason are beautiful! My daughter loves to look at the pictures.

34. Bitsy Ballerina Learns to Dance, by Jellycat

Picture book for baby girls

Summary: Bitsy Ballerina learns to dance and longs to be the star ballerina in her class performance. But is she too small to make her mark?

Why I love it: The storyline is adorable–another favorite of my daughter!

35. You Are My I Love You, by Maryann Cusimano Love

Classic picture book for baby girls

Summary: An ode to the love shared between a parent and a child, each page explores messes, giggles, meals, and boundless energy of a little one.

Why I love it: I saved best for last…This is my most favorite picture book of all time. “I am your dandelion; you are my first wish.” Each page has metaphors and analogies that so perfectly explain the bond between a parent and a child. It is such a sweet book.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read this book to her nearly every night before bedtime. It holds a special place in my heart!

Nurturing a lifelong love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. I hope you love these baby books for girls just as much as my family does; they truly are some of the best baby books to read!

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